Sunday, February 17, 2013

And Where Racing

Been a while since my last update. We are now a scary 5 weeks out from IM Melbourne, which means for me about 3.5 weeks of real training before I taper. Time to start to cram like Ambrose. Since my last update works continued to be busy, and I’ve had my first race for the year, the Urban Geelong Long Course Triathlon. Which was my first Half Ironman (70.3) distance race.

Not to much to report on the results at Geelong, had a bad race but I’m blaming no body other than myself for it. I just didn't get it right, Made some mistakes in the lead up to the race and then the way I handled situations during the race which all added up. Gained plenty of useful experience and data to move forward and kick on to Melbourne. I was over the moon with my swim and actually think I lost positions on dry land which as a duathlon specialist is frustrating.

Training this week after Geelong as gone well. Have had no real issues recovering from it and was able to lodge my biggest 7 day run block ever, 62km. Still not big km’s but ones got to start somewhere. The run is something that I know there's still plenty of room for improvement. I’ve been a lot more focused on making sure my running technique is as good as I can get it and am working on improving it in every session. Not only is that a key for getting through Melbourne but also for going fast come Zofingen. I’ve also started doing some geeky testing on some marginal gains methods and equipment for me to use in Melbourne, some are working out perfectly others need some further work.

On the Zofingen, some great news. There is currently 5 other Aussies on the start list which is a load better than just me as the only one there last year. Its a great start but the more Aussies that go across the better!!!

Till next time