Sunday, May 19, 2013

Learning to Love To Run Again!

Been a few weeks now since I’ve last updated here. Pretty much since that update I’ve have been spent working largely on my run and the issues I have with that area as well as laying down a solid foundation for the work that's to come. A lot of my runs haven’t been long but there is a lot of them in a week. The bodies getting stronger and little things like form brake down.

The other big improvements with my running have come from mental changes. I’ve been able to get my hands of some information from so very high end coaches on the mental side of not only running but sports performance. This was a game changer for me as I have been able to find that ability to suffer again or I really should say not suffer. I looked into the brains role in dictating athletic performance. Its some non conventional stuff but it looks at us not as humans but as mammals which after all is what we really are. If you understand what the research is finding, I feel you can start to understand what actually makes coaches like Brett Sutton so successful.

At the same time I’ve looked at how the African runners approach there running and the little things they do. The main one is I’ve been doing a lot of running off road and its not because its a softer surface, thats just an added bonus. Running off road has a whole range of bonuses plus as PM Zofingen is 70% off road it just common sense. I’ve also looked at how they look at running from a mental side and thats allowed me to really start to get in touch with my body.

I had my first little test hit out on Saturday, a 12.3km TT around a hilly loop. Nothing special time wise but shows the work I’ve done and the program Xavier has penned out is working and we are where we want to be at this stage. Still plenty of hard work to be done, especially knowing how my body reacts to workload. Until next time