Friday, April 19, 2013


Over the last few blog posts I’ve been mentioning that I’ve been in the process of making some changes. These have turned out to be both in my personal and sporting lives. Some of these have been major, some have been minor, some are new, some are going back to whats worked before. Firstly I got engaged to my lovely Girl Friend Dani. She has been/ put up with me for just under 4 years now and has helped me greatly with the balance in my life.

Now for the sporting changes. The first one has been to start working with Xavier Coppock as my coach. I’ve known Xavier for a fair few years going back into my cycling days and feel that this is the right move for me to progress. With the change of coach comes a change in how I am planning to race. This is only a small change but its a move to making me a more rounded athlete.

The next change is diet related and shifting back towards the way I ate in the last year I focused full time on cycling. That was when my weight was at its lowest and my performance and numbers ware at there best. Now I was still a fair way off what I could have been weight wise at that stage and I really believe that I was one of the reasons why it didn’t work better than what it did. All I will say is that its far from a conventional endurance athletes diet, but its what works for my genes. I will not preach it or even really say what it is at this stage for that reason. I’ve also been doing a fair bit of research on a few different areas from hydration to how the brains involved in performance. Some interesting and good findings found from it that will go towards those little 1% gains which all add up.

As for training, the first block in the lead up for Zofingen started this week. Some changes already being felt. A fair bit of running involved which I’m actually looking forward.

Until next time