Wednesday, August 29, 2012

4 Days To Go!

Hay Hay,

As I'm sitting here writing this are first thunderstorm has just rolled in. Today was my last key training session before the race. Only ended up being a 50km ride but there was a bit of race pace thrown in there. Legs were all but over the plane trip and its still 4 days out from race day so timing was perfect for me to open up the legs a bit. I know this may seem close to the race for some people but for me personally I do best with a short solid hit out around 4-5 days out on the bike. The whole idea was to do all 3 climbs at race power output as well parts of the other section of the course. Legs felt good, power was there on the climbs and more importantly legs recovered quickly between efforts which will become very important and key to going quick on race day. Tomorrow I have a easy ride and a short run planned. Parts of Team USA have showed up at are hotel and by the looks of things are using it as there base. They have a 50km group ride planned tomorrow so might try to tag along with them so i can sit in for a bit.


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