Friday, August 24, 2012

Its Finally Time

Wow its here, tomorrow night I fly out to Switzerland to undertake what is the first real race as a multisport athlete, Powerman Zofingen. Its been a long, challenging road that I’ve been down these last 10 months since deciding that I was going to undertake this massive change and do this race. The biggest thing going through my head right now is am I ready, which to be perfectly honest with myself I’m as ready as I can be for this years race. The pieces are starting to come together. Legs have felt good these past few sessions and all meaningful training is all finished. Now its all up to what I can put down on race day.

The last 10 months has been a massive change for for me personally. I made the decision to move away from cycling and into multisport. Sure having 3 solid seasons behind me as a cyclist has helped but its really chalk and cheese. Biggest thing has been teaching my body how to run again, big cyclist legs and running fast over a long distance are 2 things that don’t work that well together. Its not just the running but that I’ve had to change but also my cycling abilities changing my body from from being able to jump out of corners every 15 sec at max effort to being able to put out a smoother, less erratic power distribution.

Now you might ask what the hell is Powerman Zofingen? Well pretty much is the biggest longest duathlon. 10km run, 150km bike and a 30km run to finish off with plenty of elevation change over all 3 segments. I’ll go more into the race and its details over the next few posts. People ask why this race and I usually say because I can. To me personally this race will always be bigger than what Kona is. I first saw this race as a 10 year old on TV and even since has been the top of races I’ve wanted to do. It was the first race that I ever saw that i could be good at in multi sport, no swim, long distance, and just plan hard. So hard in fact that the great Mark Allan is on the record as saying this was the hardest race he’s done. This race is hard for the exact opposite reasons as Kona. Kona is known for the heat and the wind, Zofingen is know for the cold, rain and hills.

Thats all for now, time to finish packing everything up then to spend 24hrs or so in transit

Until then

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