Friday, March 29, 2013

Ironman Melbourne Race Report

Well race day has come and gone. Just like most people mine was full of up and downs with mine ending in the ultimate down of sitting on the side of the road waiting for the Sag Wagon. This was thanks to me popping my 5th lumbar out in my back and my Tensor Fascia Lata tightening up. Not the way I had planned for it to go but thats racing.
Happy to be on land.

Was fairly excited on hearing news that the swim had been shortened. I had a shocker in the water just couldn't get going. I have done plenty of training in those conditions but when you add 2200 others with a lot not experienced in them it makes for one hell of a swim when your towards the back. had people swimming over the top of me all the way out to the turn buoy. The turn buoy it self was a shocker 180 degree u bolt around a single buoy mixed with all those athletes meant you were stopped and dealing with head on swimmers. A large number of athletes just turned around early. there were a couple of different options race organizers could of done to help stop this issue around the turn buoy but it is what it is and you deal with what your giving on race day.
Before things went pear shaped.

Got out of the water and made up a bit of time duck diving and running on the beach. Got though transition and on to the bike and felt good straight away. I have had a few (BIG) issues with pacing before so was pleased I was able to keep it under control in the head wind on the way out. Had about 30 people drafting me at one stage in the head wind. The tail wind section was great just cruising back down the freeway was fun, a few people tried to hang on but they didn't last long. Went though the first lap in 2;25 which was right on target and watts on target too. Got to around the 110km mark and started to have some issues with my lower back and hip on the left side of my body then a few KM later had the pains started to shoot down my leg, stopped a few times trying to stretch it out with no luck. tried to limp my way back to T2 but body wasn't going to let me and had to get a TO to help me off my bike. spent a fair bit of time crying on the side of the road while I waited 2.5hrs to get picked up by the sage wagon.

Here is a link to my SRM file on training peaks for anyone interested

I would like to give a big thanks to my Mum and Dad for being there on race day, my GF Dani for putting up with me through all the training and all the support from random supporters out on course. To all the volunteers and race officials thank you because with out you there is simply no race.

It was a shit way to finish the day was really looking to finish and get another long race in my legs before PM Zofingen this year. About the only positive to come from it is that I didn't go deep at all so will be starting my prep a lot fresher and sooner. This is not the first time I've had hip issues on the bike so may need to go back to the drawing board there. Time to move on and except what happened. Plenty of work to be done before Zofingen included starting to shift my strength to make me a more rounded athlete.

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