Friday, August 30, 2013

Checking In From Zurich

Well its currently 3:30am here in Zurich and I’m wide awake thanks to good old jet lag! Its Been around 2 and a half weeks since I last posted on here. A bit has happened since then. The build phase is over and the tapering has started.

The final last 2 weekends of training went well although not exactly to plan. One thing I’ve learnt  over the years and expected a whole lot better this time around is that its very very very rare that a race build goes 100% to plan. When things have popped up I haven't panic this time around, just excepted it and move on. Just because something doesn't go exactly to plan doesn't mean that you cant still tick the boxes that's required. For me this build has been less about hitting X time or Y intensity and more about how the session is executed.

That's it for now. Updates will be a bit more regular over race week. Will be posting pics and maybe some videos from training sessions over the week leading into the race. Have a nice little run planned for later on today.

Until next time

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