Friday, September 6, 2013

Powerman Zofingen: 1 Day To Go!!!!!!

Well here we are finally. Tomorrow is race day! I can not wait to toe the start line as I haven’t had real race since IM Melbourne. Its something that I’m slowly getting used to coming from racing 40-70 times a year as a cyclist to racing less than 5 as a duathlete/triathlete.

The main objective for today for me is to make tomorrow and Monday as easy and stress free as possible. Just the little things like having all my bags virtually packed so all I have to do monday morning before flying out is pack my bike. May sound a little full on but when you cant walk the next day every little bit helps. And I know I will be struggling to walk Monday, that is something I came to terms with mentally ages to go to be able to push my body closer to its physiological limits and not just to its psychological ones.

For anyone wanting to track me on race day, follow this link to the Powerman Zofingen website. The one to best follow me would be the DS live service which provides splits from out on course. I haven’t followed this race live so cant comment on how good it is although I think you get splits every half lap on the bike and every 2-3km on the final run, from memory thats where there were timing mats anyway.

As for my race plan, its simple. Control the controllable and be patient. It was the plan laid out 20 odd weeks ago by Xavier and my whole training has revolved around that idea.  

Until after the race

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