Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Zofingen Day 3

Hey all, Its now 3 days out from race day for me here in Zofingen. The towns slowly starting to fill with athletes now, which for me more English speaking people to talk too. 

The Body is starting to feel better and better everyday now which is a positive sign that the bodies responding well to the tapering. Yesterday was a double day for me with a ride in the morning and a run in the afternoon. The ride was about an 1hr long nothing special with a few more 5min race pace efforts and 1min hard efforts thrown in to keep the legs happy. Just focused on the false flat section out of town to the first climb for this.
10m draft zone makers

the 5km mark on the bike course.

In the afternoon I just did a nice easy 40min run. nothing crazy here just rolled the legs over. Also jog/walked the first 1.5km of the first hill on the second run up to where the first and second run courses meet up just to remind myself with how steep the hills actually are. This year I’m not scared of the hills thanks to the amount of work I’ve put into my running since being with Xavier, both volume and hill work, but still do respect them as much as ever. They are unforgiving these hills and if you get it wrong early you don't lose secs/km you lose massive mins/km.

the climb just keeps on going

Where the 1st and 2nd run meet

The last 200m before the finish stadium

After the run I meet up with Columbian Oscar Mendoza for a bit of a chat and to give him a little help with understanding the course.

Today for me sees another ride and run before my final rest day tomorrow.

Until next time

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  1. Great pictures, remembers me of last years race. Good luck for you. Through the wind and the rain...
    Wanted to be there but have to stay home and look after the kids...
    Cheers Heiko